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Circle K Firearms formed from Josh's desire to squeeze every bit of accuracy from a rifle. Josh started his quest in 2012, when he started reloading ammo due to lack of factory ammunition on the shelf. Once he started down the road of reloading, he quickly became consumed with pursuing bug-hole accuracy and accurizing factory rifles to get them to perform the best they possibly could. This hobby soon turned into seeking out other projects to work on, and quickly flipping rifles through his collection to find a the next new project. In 2018 Josh decided to seek out getting his FFL to allow him to get more projects in house and keep chasing dime sized groups.

From there Josh has worked towards manufacturing custom bolt action rifles and has added pieces of the puzzle to do so each year. We now are fully equipped to machine barrels and actions to the tightest tolerances and provide customers with great shooting tool. weather their goal is to make a one shot one kill hit at 700 yards on an elk, or to hit sub MOA targets at 1000 yards in matches, we strive to achieve the goal at hand.

At Circle K Firearms we are seeking out the best options on the market to give us the best results, we are currently having custom actions built by Defiance Machining, and Terminus Actions. We continue to seek out the best action and barrel companies to get the absolute best results possible. We don't limit our builds to what we have though, we will build off a customers action, barrel, chassis etc. or do our best to provide you with exactly what you want. Whether you want to build your dream rifle, or want to renew an old rifle, we will do it with pride.

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