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At Circle K Firearms we manufacture your dream rifle, crafted to the tightest tolerances to maximize the accuracy potential of that rifle.
"Fast is fine but accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry."
- Wyatt Earp
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we focus on

Quality and Precision.

We build bolt action rifles off of our custom actions that are constructed to the most precise tolerances, or we will take a factory action and blueprint/accurize that action better than the factory. Next, chamber a barrel to fit,  cut, crown and thread the muzzle, all components of which you can choose to your liking. We will thread barrels for suppressors, re-barrel actions, trigger replacement, scopes and accessories, chassis, stocks, bolt handles, drill/tap for scope bases, we even send out for re-bluing services and stock refinishing. To top it off, we also offer Cerakote finishes, custom camo Cerakote finishes, and custom lasering to have a truly unique look just the way you want.

We work most of the major high-end rifle system brands, including but not limited to:

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We work with most of the major high-end rifle system brands to maximize your options when specing out your rifle. As long as the components can physically work together, we will build it.

Ask us about some ideas or look through the showcase and our Facebook page for inspiration, build ideas, and build capabilities.

ready to get started?

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In addition to custom rifles, we also have a massive collection of firearms to browse through and purchase.


Thermal Scopes

Partnering with to supply you with top-of-the-line thermal and night vision scopes and solutions for any hunting scenario. Visit to see the full line up and gear up for your next hunt.

Thor 4 640

640 HD Thermal Scope 4 Gen 1.5-15x 24 degrees x 19 degrees FOV

Bering Optics Super
Yoter 50MM

Super Yoter R VOx 640×480 core resolution with 50Hz refresh rate

ATLAS Thermal Binocular, 25mm Lens

ATLAS enables you to observe targets in a complete darkness



41703 Silver Lake Lane

Le Center MN 56057



Hours of Operation

Available weekdays:

9am - 5pm

Store open evenings and weekends by appointment only, please call for appointment.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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